WiFi enabled devices, such as a personal computers, games consoles, smart phones or digital audio players will be able to connect to the Internet once the plane reaches the safety altitude of 10,000 feet. Please make sure that all mobile phones are set to flight mode.

How to log on?

Every device is different but here are the basic steps:

  1. Once the Flight Attendant has announced it is safe to use approved portable electronics, turn on your WiFi-enabled device.
  2. View available wireless networks, select “Norwegian Internet access” and connect.
  3. Launch your Internet browser for access.
  4. Enjoy surfing the web!
Trouble connecting to WiFi?
There will be a general “how to” for the most common use devices in our in-flight magazine on page 113. We advise passenger to contact their device manufacturer, service provider or the company’s network administrator for support if they have problems. Our flight attendants are here for the passengers’ safety and are not trained to assist with technical support.
How does it work?
The planes are equipped with a hardware system inside the cabin that includes two wireless access points (similar to wireless routers common in homes for providing Internet access throughout the house). On top of the plane is an antenna that communicates with a satellite orbiting at about 22 000 km/35405 mil above the earth.
When passengers` on board use their WiFi device to get online, that request takes quite a trip! It goes from the cabin’s wireless access point, up to the antenna mounted on top of the plane, up to a satellite, then down to the ground to find the website. Once it is online, the signal heads back up to the satellite and finally back down to the plane again. All this happens within a few seconds.
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